Monday, June 8, 2015

Visited the oldest Asylum in California today

Today was interesting I visited a historical mental asylum today in California. It was a very eerie place, more the 4,500 patients who died at that hospital have been buried on the grounds. I took a few photos to share my experience with you all.
This is the small museum that shows old treatment practices and patient items and little bits of history of the mental asylum. 
The outside view 
Old hydrotherapy vessel with canvas restraint. 
Tools and medicines used to sterilize patients so they wouldn't reproduce their bad genes by having offspring. 
Old lobatomy tools on display that were used in the facility.
Patient bed with restraint belt 
This is what they have the patients wear (everyone there has been court ordered there for committing forensic crimes).

Today was a very strange day seeing the state asylum and I'm glad I got to take some photos to share with you all.


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