Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love to Ride Berkeley!

This has been by far the coolest cycle friendly community Ive ever been to.
I was riding on soft tires yesterday and i needed a pump desperately! 
i rode down Shattuck ave in Berkeley looking for any kind of bike shop to stop into and use a pump.

I saw it! The Bike Station!
I went it and asked the guy behind the counter if i could use a pump, he showed me where it was and let me do my thing. I was looking around while i was pumping my tires and i saw a couple rows of very different and used bikes behind this wood (kinda wall) set up. I looked around some more and saw new items for sale that a cyclist might need like tubes tires seats lights etc. i was now curious what was going on here so i asked the guy behind the counter, who i later learned his name was Andrew, what goes on at "the bike station" and he told me its free attended bike parking facility! WHAT! :)

 They not only will watch your precious baby all day but if there is something wrong with it like the wheels need a little truing or something they will tune it up for you if theres time while your gone! this is like my dream come true! are you kidding me! wow! every city should have a bikestation! they were located underground until recently, now they have a beautiful location on Shattuck ave in downtown Berkeley.

In my quest to find more information about the bike station i found out the Berkeley bike station opened in 1999. I also found a neat video about the Berkeley bike station i thought would be fun to share with you guys.
 Andrew was so kind and helpful to me, i had a million questions about where to ride in the city and he knew the answers to all of them! I later ran into Andrew on his was home in the underground bart station. 

Andrew had mentioned earlier on in the day when i came into the bike station that he has read my blog before! what! so cool that made my freaking day/scratch that -year! he suggested i check out another bike station called Fruitvale in east Oakland(3301 East 12th Street, Oakland, CA‎ - (510) 536-2200‎). Ill be heading there today or tomorrow! 

Thank you again so much Andrew if you read this you freaking rock man!
Everyone should go to a bikestation! it is so awesome! i hope to see many more pop up around the states.