Sunday, March 28, 2010


So Trackosaurus rex posted a couple flicks of a sprocket brake on a bike that Jeff built for me.

Some guy who's blog is called "bikesnobnyc" completely TRASHED on it!
It really was just a "concept" that jeff thought would be a neat idea (especially on belt drive), and this guy completely shit on it without taking a look at the entire picture.
I think its a great concept- THANKS JEFF- keep up all the good work!

-Stop by Monkeylikeshiney to see all the SUPER FREAKING COOL stuff jeff builds!


  1. in one word: fuckbikesnobnyc

  2. I can't seem to find said thrashing on bikesnobnyc's site, but there are Harley Davidsons with this same concept. Re-purposing it for bicycle use seems like only the natural thing to occur. While it may not be the best option due to increased sprocket wear (and the resulting failure leading to loss of both forms of stopping), lightweight, low stress usage along with regular maintenance should keep things catastrophe free. Also, there's a reason the blog is called BikeSnobNYC and not BikesAreAwesomeAndAnythingRelatedToBicyclingWillBeViewedObjectivelyAndWithoutPrejudice..... NYC.

  3. o sorry- the thrashing was here:

    -and it was the guy who runs "bikesnobnyc" who was thrashing, sorry for the lack of clarity!

    HAHAH!!! You make a VERY/VALID/POINT!!!
    thanks Coley!

  4. Ho, merci à vous! j'aime bc votre blog aussi et votre style! vous parlez français à ce que je vois! ^^

    A bientot!